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Hi! I’m Kat!

I’m a mom to a daughter who’s all grown up with a family of her own, and wife to an amazing, supportive husband. I also have a high-energy black Labrador Retriever named Titus who keeps us busy!

I love everything about health, but more than that, I love helping other women discover how to reclaim and optimize their health and wellbeing.

I invite you to look around the website where you’ll find easy to implement natural health hacks in our blog section, free stuff to get you started, and delicious, nutritious recipes.

At Infinite Health & Wellness, our focus is on the mind-body connection.  We take a foundational approach to wellness by balancing emotions, sleep, food, recreation, relationships, movement, family, career, service, spirituality, and personal growth.

Join me as we navigate the daily challenges of your busy, overscheduled life. Let me help you through our wellness protocols, coaching, and counseling to start living a life filled with passion and purpose.

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My name is Kat Ogar, and like you, I’m on a journey to self-discovery. When I was in my twenties (over 30 years ago),

I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. The medication prescribed for me made me even more anxious so

I took my first step towards wellness by throwing it away

– and that’s where my journey began

Health, Wellness & Recipes

Making changes can be difficult. I know because I've been there myself.

That’s why having a professional health coach can be so valuable. You won’t have to sort through endless websites or read hundreds of wellness book to find the answers you’re looking for. I’ve been doing that for the past twenty years. Let me be your guide.

See What Our Clients Had To Say…

Dr. Kat, I was just thinking about you! I was about to reach out and thank you for taking the time to meet with me and tell you how much I really enjoyed our session. Honestly, it was just great to have somebody to talk to you that understands health the way I do! I so appreciate your perspective and time. I’m already feeling better. Something about being heard and feeling supported can make all the difference in the world so thank you! I really appreciate these notes and I will implement all the suggestions. I will keep in touch and let you know how I’m doing. Thank you thank you thank you!


I can’t even put into words how much better I am feeling. It’s a learning curve to try to take things slower and not overdo everything like I have been operating for the last six years. I’m so grateful we connected!

Kate C.

Hi Dr. Kat... I just wanted to check in and let you know how geat I've been feeling. My anxiety and nausea are so much better. I was actually able to bring my husband into the hospital this morning for his hip surgery! That honestly could've never happened a month ago. I feel like I have a huge part of my life back! I can't thank you enough! I feel very blessed to have found you.

Kathleen N.

Dr. Kat Ogar is great! I went to see her for some minor negative changes in my health as well as anxiety. Also to try to balance hormones. She took the time to really listen to all my concerns. During the free consultation she also gave some recommendations like a breathing exercise. When we met, I left with more recommendations to improve my health. She then emailed session notes and reminders of supplements we discussed. I would highly recommend the free consultation and then a visit to anyone looking for ways to naturally improve their health. When you speak with her during the consultation you will notice she’s very passionate about a natural approach to health and helping to improve the health of others! For years I’ve had doctors telling me to take hormonal birth control until menopause for pms and cramping, but I knew it’s not great for your body to be on them for so long. I was excited to find a naturopath who has experience with helping women to balance hormones, and more!

Sarah G.

I came to Kat with chronic skin issues and chronic stress/high anxiety. Medical doctors couldn’t help me anymore, so I turned to holistic methods. Her space is calming and relaxing, and she takes her time with you, making you comfortable. You will not feel rushed, and you will get validation and be truly heard. Kat is very thorough with her intake and resourceful with her advice. She has amazing recipes on her website for every type of diet, even the most restrictive. There’s even a recipe for dog treats! After the first week of using a personally formulated Bach Flower essence, adding in a couple of vitamins, and increasing my water intake, my mood has dramatically improved. I still have difficult moments but I feel much more like myself and more grounded. Looking forward to more sessions with her!

Kate S.

I’m down 7 pounds! My body is happy, happy, happy and so am I! I finally have found myself again.

Janet D.

My husband said he slept better last night than he has in a long time! I myself woke up with a newfound energy… and that’s something big because my one and three y.o. keep me running NON-STOP. Ready for all this day has to offer!

Karen M.

Kathleen is a very compassionate person. She is so easy to talk to . She helped me a great deal with my Anxiety. She introduced me to Bach Flower Essences. They worked amazing!! She also has many other options for treatments. If you have panic attacks you should go see Kathleen Ogar. She will help you find ways to cope and offer alternative treatments to medication.

Cherylann S.

I’ve participated in her cleanses, acupressure (my favorite), pH levels, homeopathy for myself and kids, and so much more. She checks on me and makes sure that my supplements are working, she makes recommendations and is always taking the latest classes and introducing me to new ways to get healthy. My GOTO for all my health needs. Highly recommend.

Mandie W.

I received the supplements and started taking them and I am experiencing good results. My body needed that magnesium and that coq10. Thanks so much. I am certainly planning to taper off the high blood pressure meds with my doctor's help when I return from my trip.

Patricia S.

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