My experience with thyroid imbalance and roadmap for healing.

On June 6th this year I went for my annual checkup. The appointment went great, but I knew something was off when my doctor asked me to point my chin down. I had an idea of what she was looking for because I had noticed it myself a few weeks back. A bulge had started to form on my throat. She didn?t say anything at the time. I imagine she wanted to see what the results of the bloodwork were.

A week later I received a call from the office telling me my TSH levels were elevated, and it was suggested that I return in 1-3 months to have the test repeated. I opted for three months because I know healing most conditions ? especially a thyroid condition – can?t be done in a day, a week or even a month.

The thyroid is an extremely small gland that looks like a butterfly. It?s located below the Adam?s apple. When it?s not working properly, it swells up. Sometimes it?s accompanied by a tingling or painful sensation. The thyroid is supposed to be hidden inside your neck, but a non-functioning thyroid could present as a tiny bulge (like I had) or a much larger goiter in the neck area. Doctors can feel the size of your thyroid by palpating your neck.

Before I get to the roadmap, I want to talk about my emotional state. I am and always have been a big believer that when our emotional state is imbalanced, our bodies have a difficult time healing.

As for my emotional state, I was less than pleased. I was mad at myself, and I was mad at my thyroid. I even went so far as to treat it as a traitor to the rest of my body.

How could this happen? To me, of all people? I know better!

I allowed myself to stew for a few days and then do what I always do. I started positive talking myself into a different state of mind. Here?s a couple of things that I decided to focus on:

?It?s ok this happened. Now I?ll have an opportunity to help someone else who might be going through the same thing.?

?I?ve gone through way worse than this. I figured that out, I?ll figure this out too.?

I also made peace with my thyroid after a friend of mine told me she?d read something that said women are like mean girls to the different parts of their body whenever it?s not performing the way they think it should. That rang true for me. I was so unkind to my thyroid and remembered other areas that had been on the receiving end of a vicious tongue lashing.

As for the Roadmap, I started with two that I knew would have an immediate impact. Gluten and dairy. I?d been gluten free in the past due to a leaky gut issue but had added it back in in moderation. So, I stopped eating it because I know that it has a direct impact on thyroid health. The dairy was a bit harder. I love ice cream. But I found an almond milk substitute called So Delicious that fits the bill.

The thing we need to remember is sickness doesn?t happen overnight and restoration of health won?t happen right away either. This is overlooked in modern medicine where everyone is one pill away from nirvana.

It can take months of eating well, exercising, herbal remedies, and other natural healing practices to correct a lifetime of imbalances. But in the end, it?s worth it.

Stay tuned for what happened at my 3 month follow up. And if you?re interested in learning more about naturally improving your health, schedule a free Discovery call. Together we can create your Roadmap to Recovery!

Wishing you well,


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