Hope is not a plan

Are you unable to consistently stick to the health and wellness goals you set for yourself?

Women often tell me they second-guess the decisions they make for their own well-being. They start one healthy habit and then switch to another. They feel directionless, and unsure how to improve themselves with so many conflicting choices.

Do you feel like you’re playing a never-ending game of trial and error? Always giving it your best shot and hoping that this time things will be different?

Don’t get me wrong. Hope is a wonderful state of mind. It creates the expectation of positive outcomes. But we need to take consistent action on our hopes and dreams if we want to experience lasting change.

How do you make the right decisions for your health goals, stay consistent, and build momentum to see the changes you know are there for the taking when nothing you’ve done has worked?

Fads. Fads are exactly that. They’re bright, shiny objects designed to keep you in a cycle of what’s next and what’s new. Exciting right? Not exactly. You make just enough progress to keep you interested, but not enough to last. When things plateau, you look for something else. And the cycle continues.

  • You’re making consistent, life-changing decisions about food that fuels you instead of weighing you down. And it’s so second nature you don’t even have to think about it.
  • Enjoying your “guilty pleasures” is exactly that. A moment in time. You find it easy to get back on track as your body begins to crave the healthy food you’ve been feeding it. And the mental anguish and guilt you used to feel is a distant memory as you enjoy your moment and gracefully move on.
  • Your energy improves as you make better choices. Things like sleep, hormonal balance, thinning hair, and moods are restored.

Your body is highly intelligent. When you’re stressed, it tries to slow you down – often through illness but it also lowers thyroid production to conserve energy. It’s why you’ve been so tired, cranky, and can’t get rid of the extra weight.

Successful people are successful because they seek out professionals who’ve already done what they want to do. They skip the trial and error and leapfrog ahead by following a blueprint that’s already been tested.

Hmmm… If only you knew someone you could trust to guide you towards the promised land of vibrant health.

Introducing (drum roll please) …

You might be asking, “how can a thyroid program help me?”

  • If you’re tired, your thyroid is involved.
  • If you’re dealing with extra weight, your thyroid is involved.
  • If you’re craving salty/crunchy, sweet or a combination of these foods, your thyroid is involved.
  • If you’re moody (angry, irritated, resentful, anxious, depressed, feeling hopeless and that things won’t change), your thyroid is involved.
  • If you’re losing your hair, your thyroid is involved.
  • If you experience brain fog or forget simple things like where you left your keys, your thyroid is involved.
  • If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with your monthly cycle or menopause, your thyroid is involved.

It’s a new year. And with a new year comes the hope for something better. This program is based on seasonal eating (which fuels the body better than any other dietary plan in history), drastically reducing the stress in your life, and creating your own blueprint for life.

If you’re ready for lasting change, take a leap of faith and trust that you’re reading this for a reason. To learn more, click the link below. We hope you’ll join us for the Thyroid Reset Program that starts on January 25th.

Wishing you a year of health and happiness,


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