Are you responding or reacting?

Did you know that only 20 percent of health problems are genetic, and 80 percent are due to lifestyle?

Mind-blowing right?

If that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense to pay more attention to your lifestyle habits? I hope you nodded your head yes.

There are so many things you can do to shift the needle from illness to wellness. Here are two lifestyle changes you can try to get you started:

  • Move: Movement is the simplest way to improve your health. It’s good for your cardiovascular system, releases endorphins that reduce stress, helps emotions move through your body (move your body, change your mood), strengthens the connection you have with your body (so you’re not up in your head all the time), and provides a much-needed break from everyday challenges and responsibilities.

Movement can be anything that gets you up and moving. Walking, stretching, exercise, doing chores around the house, mowing the lawn, and jumping jacks (low or high impact ? You choose) are a few ways to get moving. This simple change can be as little as 5 minutes, repeated throughout your day.

  • Mindfulness: Stress is the leading cause of all illnesses, and negative thinking is one of the leading causes of stress. Essentially, what you focus on, you feel. If you start to feel stressed, check-in with yourself. Sometimes reacting or overreacting is nothing more than an ingrained habit. The more we react to stress, the easier it becomes for our bodies to enter this heightened state. The good news is, we can change that and learn how to respond rather than react. The moment you notice yourself starting to react to a stressful situation, check-in with yourself. The 3-3-3 Rule is a great way to get you out of your head and back on solid footing:

#1 Sight – Pause and look around you. Pick three physical objects and pay attention to the details of each item. For example, if you pick a vase, what color is it? What’s the texture? Is it filled with flowers or empty? Go through each of your three items, providing as much detail as possible.

#2 Sound ? Listen for three sounds within your hearing range and name them. Pay close attention to the details (Is it high or low? Is there a rhythm to it? Is it loud or soft?)

#3 Touch ? Lastly, engage your sense of touch. Choose three body parts you can move and move them. Fingers, toes, arms, ankles, legs ? Whatever you like. You can gently roll your head from side to side, tap your fingers on a surface, or whatever else comes to mind. Engaging all three senses (sight, sound, and touch) decreases fight or flight (reaction) and creates a sense of calm (response).

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Let’s create a new statistic where everyone is happy, healthy, and responding in a positive way to the world around us!


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