Ionic Foot Detox

How much time would you spend soaking your feet if you knew it could make you stronger, healthier and cleaner from the inside out?

How about 40 minutes?

So I?ll bet you?re wondering ??What exactly is an Ionic Foot Bath?

An Ionic Foot spa is designed to help your body with its natural detoxification process. It?s a simple, effective way to stimulate your body?s natural ability to cleanse, and draw out toxins through the pores of the skin. Enjoy a relaxing soak while cleansing your body of unwanted toxic materials. The foot bath works by soaking your feet in a tub filled with salty, warm water. An electrical device called an array is then placed in the tub. The array produces a mild electrical current which creates an electromagnetic field that builds around the device and helps release toxins and impurities.

Ionic Foot Bath Benefits

Your body has the ability to get rid toxins from contaminated water, polluted air and unhealthy food using its built in clean-up crew: exhalation, perspiration and excretion. But when the intake of toxins exceeds your body?s natural ability to get rid of them on its own, using an Ionic Foot Bath can be useful.

When the toxins build up, symptoms like exhaustion and feeling drained without any apparent reason appear. This is our body?s way of pointing out something is wrong. Ionic Foot Baths provide a safe and effective way of quickly releasing large amounts of toxins from our body without fasting or taking medications. It quickly renews your vitality and ability to cope with daily stress by restoring your body?s alkaline-acidic pH balance. Balanced pH levels are important because all disease (including cancers) are acidic. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites die when exposed to high alkaline environments. If your body is too acidic, then you might be sluggish, prone to depression, illness, chronic fatigue or a host of other ailments and conditions. Give your body a well deserved tune-up. Try a relaxing, detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath today!